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The last few days have been a string of bad luck for me.  All of the things that went wrong were more of a nuisance than a catastrophe but still.  It’s been getting pretty frustrating.

My morning started out with more nuisances after another so I figured I was in for a long day.  I knew it would be a long day in terms of hours – I started my work day 1.5 hours before most of my coworkers came in and finished with an evening meeting 2.5 hours from home – but I prepared myself for an emotional taxing day too.

So as I was driving home tonight after my 16 hour work day, I was relieved to have a solid hour of just me and the open road.  It had been raining all day but it had started to dry up.  The roads were clear, even though the sky was still cloudy.  One of my bad lucks was my phone dying on Saturday so I couldn’t make any calls or listen to any of my beloved podcasts.  I popped in my favorite driving CD – one that keeps my mind just occupied enough – and was reveling in the open road.  I was literally just alone with my thoughts.

As I drove, I felt the stress of the last few weeks melting away.  While today was incredibly long, it was also incredibly rewarding as most of my longest days of work are.

I simply breathed in and out, and sang along mindlessly to a song that always lifts my spirits.  And then I saw a shooting star.

So naturally I did what all responsible adults do when they see a shooting star.  I made a wish.

I wish that I could always feel this happy and inspired.

And I smiled to myself at the silly wish I had just made.  When a mile down the road I saw another shooting star, I made another wish since I knew that first one was unrealistic.

I hope that I can always remember this sense of contentment in order to keep myself grounded.

Another mile down the road, I saw the third shooting star.  And this time, I thought…

I pray that those I love can also experience this joy I’ve only recently discovered

Three years ago when I moved to Marshfield, I was experiencing my highest highs.  A year and half later, I experienced perhaps my lowest low.  Now, I find myself in that middle ground I’ve never before been comfortable with.  That sincere contentment where I don’t have to be running from or toward anything and am happy with simply standing still for a while.

As I made my third wish, the sky opened up.  I only had about ten miles left in my drive and in those ten miles I saw another nine shooting stars.

I drove and wished, hoped, and prayed out loud for the rest of my drive.

So tonight I share my wishes, hopes and prayers with you.  Because I sincerely mean that third one.  I dream that all of you can find a life that makes you feel comfortable, that inspires you, that allows you to simply be.

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