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Christmas has officially arrived at my house.  I am definitely not one of those “wait until after Thanksgiving to put up the tree” people.  When I lived across the country from my friends and family, I needed to do everything I could to make the place feel like home… so if putting my Christmas tree up as early as November 1 did that, so be it.  Here I try to wait until the weekend before Thanksgiving at least.

I did wait this year but then Christmas came with in with a loud, sparkly bang.  I’ll be sure to share pictures when it’s all done… Because I may have 2 large trees, 2 medium trees, and 2 small trees up but I’m still not really done.


I’m writing tonight because I’m in my happy place and I felt the need to share it with you, in case it might inspire others to slow down and just enjoy the season.

I’m propped up in my bed surrounded by a multitude of pillows.  (Doesn’t every single person need 4 pillows plus a body pillow all to themselves?)  I am covered with an oversize comforter, a small throw, and an afghan my sister made me for Christmas a few years ago.  The cats are of course snuggled up too, Lady Bug on my lap and Charlie under the covers with just her nose peeking out.

I’m wearing red and pink sparkly striped long underwear.  (Hot, I know…)

There’s a bowl of popcorn nestled next to me and I’m sipping a mug of steaming Rumchata hot cocoa between sentences, clutching it to warm my hands up since I just arrived at home on a very cold evening.

The house is quiet except for the occasional meow from one of the cats and my TV which is playing Love Actually, without a doubt my favorite holiday movie (not that I only watch it at Christmas).

The lights on the tree in my bedroom are glistening, a gentle reminder of the upcoming holidays full of light, peace, and promise.

Cheesy?  Sure.  Cliche?  Probably.

But this is my perfect evening after a long day and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.Signature Small