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Every Friday I have great intentions to write a Favorite Things Friday post and then reality sinks in and I’m totally spent because it’s the end of a series of very long days and weeks and then it never happens.

So as I was laying in bed this morning not feeling like looking for a Motivational Monday quote and wanting to really just do a rundown of what’s been up, I realized… This is my blog and I can do what I want.  So without further ado, I introduce you to…

Amazing Things Monday

(Because why not, right?)

Hope my musing start your week off on a high note!

1. This weather!

One of my dearest friends and her four year old just moved in with me after relocating from Arizona.  So they aren’t loving this fall weather we’re having since they are used to it being 90 degrees still.  But I just have to say they are wrong.

I mean, come on.  It was almost 60 degrees yesterday.  And it’s the end of October.  No complaints from this girl!  We spent the afternoon putting away the patio furniture, pulling the very dead plants from the garden, and hauling leaves to the dump and it was gorgeous outside.  Couldn’t have picked a better day to work outside.  My parents are coming next weekend to help with a few more things and I’m a little afraid of how angry it’s going to be outside since we’ve been so lucky.

2. Life with a 4 Year Old

So there’s been some adjusting with the new roomies in the house, especially with the little one.  My house if kid friendly but definitely not kid proof.  I had to semi-finish the basement to give them some space to stay so we aren’t on top of each other.  The cats aren’t used to having people around all the time, much less one who asks about 50 times each night “What are your cats?” or “Why aren’t the cats playing?” or “What are the cats eating for dinner?” and on and on.

BUT… we are all thoroughly enjoying it.  Looking at my house through her eyes is like seeing it in a whole new light.  The cats are putting up with her just fine – in fact, I think Charlie secretly loves the extra attention.  Lady Bug mostly just seems exhausted but she’s put on a good show playing with hairbands and the laser light so I think she’ll survive.

The last week definitely hasn’t changed my mind about wanting to have a dozen kiddos of my own, but there is something to be set about hearing her little voice holler “Bye, Love you!” as she scurries out the door for daycare.

3. Babies

See my earlier comment about not wanting a dozen kiddos.  I mean, I don’t know if I want any kiddos.  I mostly don’t think I do.  BUT… my friends are popping kids out left and right and they are adorable.  I think we’re up to 12 babies born in the last week.  And while I don’t want to touch them when they’re that small because I would definitely break them and ruin them for life, it’s still pretty great.  I have so much faith in the future of this planet if my amazing friends raise their children the way I know they will.  We’re in good hands, folks.

4. Flannel

I know, I know.  I’m a child of the 90s for sure.  But I’m super stoked that I can get away with wearing flannel all weekend long and no one can say a thing about it.  I think I’ve mentioned before that I am obsessed with owning green and gold-ish colored clothes as a homage to my Packers.  I pretty much wear those colors all weekend long whether I’m wearing actual Packer gear or not.  Although this weekend was a bye weekend, it was no different.  I bought this flannel shirt on Friday and let me tell you… with a belt, some boots, and comfy leggings I was in flannel heaven.  It’s hard to see in the photo but it’s definitely black with green and yellow plaid.  (I did however comb my hair this weekend, unlike the girl in this photo.)



I know I’m crazy for saying this because it’s not even Halloween yet…  But I am so excited that we have less than 60 days left til Christmas.  I have been known to put my tree up the first weekend in November (don’t worry… I have it scheduled for the weekend before Thanksgiving this year) because I just can’t contain myself.  This year has the added bonus of it being my first Christmas in my new house so I plan to buy some new trees (yes plural) and get to switch out all of my decor to match the new place.  I can’t freaking wait.  I may be so excited that I was up til 1am pinning things on Pinterest for new decor ideas.  I think you’ll see a trend of sparkles, mixes of silver and gold, and small pops of muted color.  My ideas should match my house perfectly!

(Want to check out my Christmas board or any others?  Follow me on Pinterest! I’m relatively new to the whole pinning thing and I don’t know that I quite “get it” yet but I still binge once in a while.)

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