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Have you heard of the #OneWord365 movement?  I discovered it a few years ago and it has completely rattled me with its simplicity and power to actually make change.

The general idea is that – instead of making a long list of New Years resolutions – you choose one word to live out for an entire year.

In 2013, I chose Heart.  That was the year I opened myself up to love.

In 2014, although I didn’t blog about it, I chose Breathe.  I was moving a little too fast and needed to stop and simply be for a while.  That worked for a while but life came crashing down around me and I definitely go derailed in the middle of the year.

This year, I knew immediately what my word would be and I knew I didn’t want to stop living it, no matter what the world threw at me in 2015.

I chose it while laying in bed after throwing my back out.  I could hardly walk, I couldn’t work, and I was questioning everything.  I knew there was only one word that made sense…


From Merriam Webster:



Everything about this word embodied what I needed to do this year.  I needed to take control.  Change is good but it needed to be on my terms.  I needed to work on my physical stability so that my back pain wasn’t dictating how I live my life.  And I definitely needed to focus on my mental and emotional strength.

I didn’t really plan to buy a house, but I wasn’t afraid to do it because – after all – isn’t that part of making myself feel stable again too?  Putting down roots and knowing I’m staying in one place for a while?

I returned to my word last night as I was feeling guilty for simply relaxing instead of tackling another to do list.  And then I realized that I needed to focus on my word again.  The last few months I’ve let outside forces dictate my decisions for me.  My back is sore again and I feel a little like I’m on the verge of a meltdown at every moment.

As soon as I remembered my word, I took a deep breathe and realized as long as I was living my word, I’d be fine.

Even as I refocus on my 2015 word, I’m starting to think about what next year could bring.  What do I want 2016 to be remembered for?

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