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Remember how I said that I spent my Monday alternating between being productive and devouring my book?  It was such a good book that I’m so thankful I get to share it with you!

First, we need to look back a few months.  My book club read Big Little Lies a while back and it quickly became my “Have you read anything lately that I’d love?” go-to recommendation.  51Sp+tpAl-L._AC_UL320_SR214,320_

I loved it so much that when I saw one of Laine Moriarty’s other books at Target, I picked it up right away.  That was a mistake.  As much as I love a good book, I am definitely a Kindle reader.  Actual books just sit on my shelf for months because I forget about them.  I don’t travel with them because I read too fast to bring along just one book.  The act of turning pages when you’re reading in bed is just too much work sometimes.  I know… all first world problems.  But it’s my reality.

So The Husband’s Secret just sat there.  Waiting for me.  For months.  It felt like a literal weight on my shoulders every time I looked at it.  I wanted to read it so bad and just never got to it.  So I decided to change that this weekend.519rqaKxOgL._AC_UL320_SR214,320_

I’m so glad I finally got around to to.

Moriarty’s writing style suits me.  Each chapter jumps around to show different people’s perspectives (much like they did in Girl on the Train and like Jodi Picoult – arguably my favorite author – does).

Both books I’ve read by Moriarty focus on secrets.  I love a good mystery and love trying to worm my way through to figure out who did what and why.  She’s weaves a great story, that’s for sure.

Her characters are also so multi-dimensional.  While they’re often school mums with perfect hair and perfect children, they aren’t flat.  Not in the least.

All of this being said, if I have to recommend one over the other, run out right now and buy Big Little Lies.  The Husband’s Secret was great, but Big Little Lies was better.  Something about The Husband’s Secret felt a little more forced.  There were breadcrumb secrets throughout that didn’t seem to have a purpose other than to create drama, which was completely unnecessary.  The Husband’s Secret was written before Big Little Lies and I personally think it was just her growing into this complex writing style she has adopted.

Next on my list?  What Alice Forgot.  Even though it’s another of her earlier novels, I can’t wait to get my hands on it.  I think this time I’ll get it on Kindle though so it doesn’t sit forever.

Incidentally, both Big Little Lies and What Alice Forgot are being turned into movies.  For once, I cannot wait to see a story I love on the big screen.  While reading Big Little Lies my former film major kicked in hardcore and I couldn’t help but think how great it would be as a movie.  Hope I’m not disappointed!
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