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I was traveling for work last night and didn’t get up and moving quite so early as normal this morning so didn’t take the time to write.  Better late than never, right?

Without further ado… here are my favorite things right now.

1. Dueling Pianos


Seriously, I love any dueling pianos.  But these guys are probably my fav.  They do three fundraising dueling pianos events with my organization every year and the last one – my personal favorite since I coordinate it – was last night.  Amazing as always.  If you’ve never seen dueling pianos I have two things to say to you.  1) What are you waiting for? and 2) Hurry up and remedy that.

2. This Little Fluffer Nutter


I’m writing this from my mom & dad’s couch since I’m in Green Bay for the weekend.   We’ve* been here for about an hour and Charlie’s definitely made herself at home.  While I sat here and worked, I watched her enter the living room from off the dining room counter, slink her way across the back of the section, jump to the recliner, jump to the coffee table, leap to the rocking chair, and walk across the front of the entertainment center.  From there she flung herself into the dining room.  Yep, she made it all around the living room without touching the carpet.  It’s clear she’s done it before and was proving to herself that she still can.

3. This Curious Creature


I can’t play favorites.  Lady Bug has been pretty cute lately too.  (Also, after my rant about cat ladies the other day, I realized I haven’t taken many pictures of them lately so they were bound to appear in the favorite things list this week).  See above how we’ve only been here an hour.  She’s managed to root out at least two hair ties and knock over a clean pan.  She’s nothing if not persistent.  I’m so thankful they both enjoy coming here though.  Makes being gone all the time a little more bearable if they can come with me on some of the trips.

4. Zac Brown Band

With all the time in the car lately, even I’ve needed a break from podcasts.  I bought the new Zac Brown Band CD earlier this year but it had been replaced by something else in the car recently.  Threw it back in earlier this week and there are two songs on this CD that just make me feel good.  I am not a country fan but I cannot get enough of this band.  I literally interrupted a conversation last night because Homegrown came on and I just needed to sing along.  Also I’d had a (few) rum & Cokes so that may explain why Castaway just speaks to me.

5. Art Fairs

Seriously.  Who doesn’t love a good art fair?  Aside from just enjoying seeing the parentals, I came to Green Bay this weekend for Art Street.  I always need something extra for my house, or a little trinket for my hair, or more green and gold-ish jewelry.  You never know what you might find that you just have to buy.  Plus, Art Street sounds like an amazing excuse to wander around downtown and grab a bloody mary.  Cheers!


*Yes, the cats travel with me.  No I don’t (usually) have to force them into the crate.  They seem to genuinely enjoy traveling.  I have weird cats.  I know.
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