No “What I’m Reading Wednesday” today.  I’m in the middle of an excellent book but I’ll save that until next week when I’ve finished it.

Instead, today I want to talk about rain.

Last weekend, it was 90 degrees and so hot and humid.  For the last few days now, the temperature dropped dramatically and it’s been cool and raining.  Last night I even got to pull out a scarf and boots.  It’s definitely getting near the turning of seasons.  And I can’t wait.

As much as I love warm – not hot – sunny days, fall is my favorite.  A large part of fall for me are these cool rainy days.  Days that beg for you to just stay home because going outside means your hair will be a frizz ball, your pants will be soaked to the knees.  Days that are made for laying on the couch getting lost in a good book with a large glass of red wine close at hand.

Do I hope summer is over yet?  Not quite.  But I’m excited to have a few of these days to tide me over until fall actually starts.  This morning, I just want to lay in bed and listen to the rain fall outside my window.  The soft pitter-patter as the rain hits my rooftop is so soothing.  The hardest part now will be dragging myself out of bed to face this day instead of just laying here reveling in this change of seasons.
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