Apparently, it was seven years ago today that I made the move down south to try spreading my wings to the world.  Even though I was never quite happy down there, I’m so incredibly thankful that I made that move when I did.  I don’t like wondering “What If?”  By moving, I was given so many opportunities to discover the possibilities.

Back when I blogged more regularly on a blog called “A Woman, Her Cats, and Some Books,” I wrote this post.  Some of the things I had done since moving south make me laugh.  I really did eat too many late night steaks while I lived in Nashville… but I also needed to put some meat on my bones so it was better than me eating late night steaks here I guess!

And to think, I didn’t drink red wine before moving down there.  I can’t even imagine.

I wrote that post about six months after I moved from Nashville to Kentucky.  Kentucky was a better fit for me than Nashville but it was never going to be home.

On this seven year anniversary, I want to make a new list… a list of things I learned because of that move.

In the last seven years, I…

  • realized who my lifelong friends really are
  • have probably fallen too in love with red wine
  • fallen in and out of love with someone unworthy
  • have perfected my grilling skills
  • put my masters degree to good use
  • found a job I adore and am good at (for real this time!)
  • moved countless times until I finally found this home of my dreams
  • tried to fall out of love
  • adopted both Lady Bug and Charlie, completing my little quirky family
  • traveled to parts of the country I never thought I’d see

As I come closer to three years back in Wisconsin, I can’t help but appreciate what living down south taught me.   I truly believe I needed to live in those places, travel and discover the world a little, before I could appreciate this place that really is home.  
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