As I’ve been try to start this blogging journey again, I realized there were a few weekly things (like What I’m Reading Wednesday) that I’d like to bring back. Why not? They were often my favorite part of blogging then because they give me a way to organize my thoughts and they take off the pressure of having to be creative and come up with entirely new content every single day.

Favorite Things Friday is one of those posts I want to resurrect. It stopped being fun when I stated trying to make it work for all of those linkups out there. So I’ll just stick to my original intent. Without further ado…

1. My Roomie/Summer Intern:

Have you ever been a college student who wanted to try something out for the summer but couldn’t because you have no place to live? I have. And I’ve seen many others pass up opportunities for the same reason. So when we interviewed an amazing summer intern candidate who couldn’t have taken the job without a miracle of housing, I offered up my guest room. Has it always been easy having a roommate after so many years of living alone? No. But she’s the best possible roommate a girl could have asked for, she did an incredible job at work, and the summer has flown by. She leaves next week and I can’t even believe it.


2. Podcasts

Ok. This one probably deserves its own post. One I’ll likely do next week. Suffice it to say I’m addicted to podcast. They make every job get done faster and make every drive a breeze. I feel like my head could explode with all the random knowledge I’m absorbing with very little effort.

3. Fun Patterned or Colored Pants

Ok, seriously. How can you not love this one? I’ve always been a dresses and skirts girl for work but sometimes it’s just too much of a chore to shave your legs. Enter the amazing cropped pants that are around right now. Admittedly I don’t have as many as I’d like. But I did but these incredible garnet* colored ones last week and am dying to wear them.


I also bought these but somehow missed the memo that they were navy, not black. Any suggestions on how I could wear them? I find myself never wearing the navy pants I do have but I’m trying to talk myself into keeping them.


*Don’t you just love the word garnet?  It perfectly describes that sexy, purpleish-reddish color.  My favorite wine of all time uses that word on the bottle and it’s probably why I fell in love with it.

4. The Return of Football Season:

NFL preseason started for me last night and I couldn’t be happier. Football season is a time of celebration (because my team is pretty amazing), hosting parties (another of my favorite things that should get its own blog post), and crisp fall Sundays spent on the couch with greasy, drippy food and uninterrupted TV time.


5. The New Morning Routine:

For the last few days, I find myself jumping out of bed to tackle my day. I find that writing first thing in the morning energizes me. Multiple mornings I’ve woken up before my alarm (which is actually going off at the same time as always… I’m just not snoozing it) and have breezed through my early morning routine so I can get to the writing.

(Side note… even though I was up at 5:00 this morning this morning I still didn’t get up early enough to take the trash out before my overachieving garbage men came.  I didn’t even heard them come through.  What do we pay these people to get them out of bed so early?!)

I’m glad I’ve started trying this endeavor again. We’ll see where it goes.

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