I am not a morning person.  Not in the least.  If my days started at 10am, I would be a pretty happy camper.  But alas, that’s not an option.  So I drag myself out of bed every morning to stand underneath the shower head, then climb back into bed to dry off and wait as long as I possibly can to actually get ready for work.

I’ve decided to try using some of this morning time, where I’m not ready to face the world but I’m also sick of just wasting precious minutes being grouchy, to do some writing.  I’ve missed writing just for me over the last years and am going to try to commit to making a change.  We’ll see how long this lasts but so far so good.

Mornings have certainly gotten a little easier since moving into the house.  My kitchen is beautiful in the morning, with sunshine streaming through the windows and making this place glow.  Its such a welcoming thing to see when I stumble down the hallway half asleep.  Puts a smile on my face even momentarily.


I’ve also been working pretty hard on a new diet.  More of a lifestyle shift than a diet actually.  Last winter I threw my back out and spent a few months barely being able to walk.  Needless to say, I gained a bit of weight.  I’m not as worried about the pounds but I was sick of my clothes not fitting.  So I decided about a month ago to make a change.  The routine of deciding what to what to eat for my day and packing snacks and a lunch really is a great way to put my game face on.  I find my days have gotten a bit easier because I feel just a bit more organized.

I don’t foresee my mornings getting that much easier in the future but if there’s anything I can do to start my day out a little better, it’s worth giving it a try.  So far, even taking 15 minutes to write has been doing the trick.  Here’s hoping it continues!
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