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Forget Thirsty, Nerdy, Cats.  This blog should be called “Good Intentions”…

In my defense, I’m working crazy hours between my job and the fact that I’m over committed very involved in this community.  And instead of writing about it in my free time, I’m actually enjoying some things that stop me from being thirtsy, are very cat-ish, and are definitely nerdy.  So sue me.

Also in my defense, I have at least a half dozen posts started that just haven’t been finished yet.  Not that they are relevant anymore but still.  Good intentions.

This week, I’ve actually had a few nights to spend at home.  The other evening I was chopping vegetables for dinner and having a complete conversation with the cats.  (If you don’t have animals I’m sure that sounds crazy but living alone with two fluff balls means I have very extensive conversations about catnip, needing more food, arguing about getting out of the dressing room, or whatever else it is they want to talk about on an almost daily basis.)  That evening I was listening to music, chatting with the cats, and enjoying a beer when Pandora played a commercial for the “Meow Mix channel.”  I laughed to myself…

And then I heard their closing – something along the lines of “… so if you like good music as much as you like your captivating kittens …” – and thought to myself, “You know what?  I DO like that” and checked it out.  My oh my have they been stalking my house.  I have many songs that I rewrite to include the cats when I’m home alone.  And they PLAYED THEM ALL.

“I’ve got the moves like Jagger” always becomes “I’ve got the moves like Charlie”

“Every day we’re shuffling” becomes “Every day we’re snuggling”

And on and on… I won’t continue or you’ll think I’m crazy.  It goes back to the whole having conversations with them.  I have spent many years living along with these cats.  It happens.

Long story short, we spent the next half hour dancing in the kitchen to all the songs I could rewrite to include the girls.  And by we, I mean the cats joined in.  They always do.  They wiggle and jump and meow and it becomes a big old party.  No one can ever tell me that cats aren’t as fun as dogs…

And then I remembered that I was listening to the Meow Mix station, that I had officially become a crazy cat lady, and that I was probably never going to get a date again.  

Oh well.  I love my life.

I might enjoy being busy but I truly thrive on nights at home.  The girls thoroughly enjoy these kinds of weeks too… even if I’m busy doing other things, they have lots of time to climb on my lap and snuggle while I work.

Right now, Lady Bug is curled up on the chaise lounge laying as close to me as physically possible.  She’s not on my lap since I’m up and down to make dinner but every time I sit back down she scoots back a little more so her fat love handles are shoved up against my leg.  (Thanks Lady.)  Charlie is being Charlie… chasing something that no one else can see in circles all over the house.

Nights like these are those that keep me going.  We are our own little family living in a perfect bubble when we are here.  Even though it hasn’t been the easiest summer, coming home to this has made it ok.

And now summer is over.

I gave myself the summer to wallow in the sadness.  Unfortunately, fall holds so many memories that it’s not any easier to move on now than it was.  But fall holds memories of both time with him and time before him.  I have spent many falls holing up in my house, drinking wine, watching football, reading books, cooking elaborate dinners, eating so much popcorn that my stomach hurts… I have done all of that with and without him.  I just have to remind myself how to do it on my own.

In the meantime, I’ll take comfort in the fact that I haven’t forgotten how to wiggle in my kitchen with two little things that love nights home alone as much as I do.

And I will keep enjoying nights like these:


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