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Last night, I promised I’d spend at least 15 minutes every day checking in with fellow bloggers, writing in my own blog, or generally doing bloggy things.  I can guarantee that this post won’t take me 15 minutes to write but I did spend the last hour or so researching Kiwanis local chapter websites, social media strategies, and brand guidelines so that’s sort of a bloggy thing.  It also brought up a question for me that I’d like to pose to my worldly readers…

First of all, let me explain what Kiwanis is.  The simple answer comes from the Kiwanis “defining statement”: Kiwanis International is a global organization of volunteers dedicated to changing the world one child and one community at a time.  For more information, you can also check out their website.

The larger answer lies in what Kiwanis means to me.  When I moved this winter, I was looking for meaningful ways to quickly get involved with my new community.  I looked into joining a variety of service / community / professional type organizations and found that I truly believe in the mission of Kiwanis – with their focus on saving the world’s youth – and more so felt like my local chapter was one that would allow me to get very involved very quickly, which is something that I value.

I just joined Kiwanis a few months ago but I’m already glad that I did.  And of course, because I can’t stand saying no to anything because I really needed to add one more thing to my plate because I think having a strong web presence is super important when recruiting vibrant new members, I have already agreed to take on editing the newsletter, which quickly became me wanting to start up a Facebook page for the club, which naturally turned into a conversation of “could I host a website for the club?”

Which leads me to my question for you all.  If you were looking to join a new group, or new to town and looking to network, or simply wanting to get involved with something different, what would you look for in an organization’s website to help you make a decision about what group is right for you?

On a broader note – Joining this group was a huge time commitment for me, time that I don’t necessarily have.  Following a blog, signing up for a new form of social media, joining a book club, and starting a new TV series are also commitments that take up a lot of time.  What things do you look for as you’re making the decision about prioritizing how you give freely of your time?  

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