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Where did April go?  I never did get around to writing all the posts I thought about for the month.  I never wrote the book reviews I meant to publish.  I never started the photo-of-the-day project I was going to try.  My birthday came and went.

April was probably the busiest month I’ve had in years and yet as I sit here and write this with just hours to go until we’re already in May, I can’t help but feel that April was an incredibly wonderful month.

I had some amazing real life talks instead of sitting home writing in the blog.  I finished a number of books I’ve been in the middle of, even if I didn’t have time to write about them.  I accomplished a ton at work this month, which of course means that every photo-of-the-day would have been of my messy desk anyway.  And the birthday?  Let’s just say it may have been the best one ever.

Now, as we’ve finally gotten to spring here in the Midwest, I sit at my dining room table with every window in the house wide open.  I’m enjoying the warm air, finishing my healthy dinner (gotta get back on that train for sure!), listening to the children in the park behind my house play soccer.  The cats are scampering from open window to open window, basking in the sunshine.

I just got back from a wonderful mini-vacation and yet, this evening (even though there are dishes to do, emails to answer, clothes to wash, and a to-do list a mile long) I’m feeling more relaxed than I’ve felt in a long time.  My vacation needed time to sink into my bones and it finally has.

Spring for me is a time to breathe in the fresh clean air.  In with fresh and new and out with the old and stale.  Don’t forget to take some time to breathe it all in.

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P.S. Haven’t shared a photo of the girls lately.  Charlie has been running around the apartment chasing the breeze ever since I opened the windows last night.  She is one happy girl right now!