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Some of you may know that I recently started volunteering as a Big Sister through Big Brothers, Big Sisters.  While it’s only been a few months, it’s already been one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had.  To say you “volunteer” as a Big Sister doesn’t begin to describe how rewarding the relationship becomes even very early.  I’m already a real life big sister to my real life not-so-little-anymore sister, but I still feel that the relationship I’ve started building with my Little is truly special.

Without giving anything away, it’s safe to say that my Little has been through an incredible number of difficult experiences in her short life.  And yet, every hour that I spend with her I am left with a feeling of hope and wonder.  Hope for the next generation, that they will grow up strong and confident that they are capable of making the world a better place.  And a sense of wonder that magical moments really do exist in this world even with all of the darkness we see every day.

Two weeks ago, my Little and I enjoyed a quick lunch, complete with Oreo milkshakes.  As they carried them to our table and she saw the little glasses topped with whipped cream and a cherry, her eyes lit and up and she let out a breathless “I thought things like this only existed in dreams.”  Tonight, she grinned at the banana split we shared and then whispered to me as we entered a book store to do some browsing that she’s “always felt like home in a place like this.”  Some nights its a story that she can’t wait to tell me about what happened in school.  Others nights it’s a reminder about what she has decided we need to add to our list to do this summer.  Whatever it is, for her, it’s truly magical to have a time and place in her life where she can simply breathe.  Where she can enjoy being a young woman who is discovering what that means in this world but where she isn’t expected to grow up to fast.

Because of her, I’m reminded that we all need those safe places to marvel in the hope and wonder of this world and to delight in the magical moments we encounter every day.

Through her eyes, I’m learning to see the world differently and to enjoy the little things even more than I have before.  Moments like that are not to be taken for granted.

Where do you find your hope and wonder?  How do you remind yourself to delight in magical moments?

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