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Have you ever had one of those days?

One of those days where you feel three steps behind – literally while in step aerobics class and figuratively as you watch the world go on around you?  One of those days where nothing seems to be going right, the to do list is piling up, and no matter how many cups of coffee you have you just cannot wake up?

Today was looking like one of those days.

And then suddenly… out of nowhere… everything fell into place and I knew that I was way more on top of things than I had thought.  I realized I was doing everything right simply because I was doing something, even if it wasn’t 100% perfect every time.  I felt instantly energized and knew that tomorrow was all I would need to get back on top of my to do list at work.  With that glimmer of hope in mind, I came home tonight and completed everything I had to get done tonight, tomorrow night, and Thursday.  Amazing feeling knowing that it’s only Tuesday and I’m already on top of the work that needs to be done at home!

Maybe tomorrow night I can take some time to get caught on blogs, do some writing, and finish the book I’ve been stalled on for a few weeks.  And if tomorrow night I come home, put my slippers on, and simply drink a glass of wine while snuggling with my fluff balls instead of doing any of that, that’s ok too.

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