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Happy Monday, everyone!  My post is late today because I was struggling to write anything last night.  I ‘m linking up with Kate Kati again to share a quick recap of the last week…

The Good

I wrote last week about struggling a little to stay motivated while working out.  I got a number of great tips from some of you, so thank you!  Thankfully I also had a pretty good workout week last week and have started seeing at least small results. I’m down 6 pounds since I started this foray which might not be a lot but it’s something!  My legs are also noticeably ginormous – a sad side effect I inherited from my family that rears its ugly head every time I work out – and my arms seem a little more toned.  I’ll take the small successes even if it’s not a ton yet!  I’d rather do this the slow and steady way but keep at it than see quick results that I can’t maintain.

The Bad

This weekend was definitely not the best weekend I’ve had since I moved back.  It turned out ok but I’m left feeling a little off because of a few things that happened that I’d rather not talk about on the blog.  Everything will be perfectly fine but for now, I’d say it’s still the closest thing to a bad that I had in the last week.

The Ugly 

My desk at work is a definite ugly.  I was 6 steps behind all day today.  I combined that with working from the road on Friday and a to do list a mile long and resulted in piles of paperwork, a stack of things to be signed, and 50 unread emails at 5pm today.  Tomorrow we’re in meeting all day so I won’t be able to tackle anything else until Wednesday.  I don’t even want to think about what a mess it’ll be by then.  Messy desks stress me out.


So that’s about it!  How was your week?

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