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Admittedly, my last couple of book reviews have been pretty heavy.  Lincoln’s assassination and the murder of nuns in both present day and the past aren’t exactly “easy reading.”  All of that is about to change today!

I think just by the title of the blog, you know I’m pretty silly, pride myself in being a bit nerdy, and love my fluff balls.  When I stumbled across The Girl with the Cat Tattoo by Theresa Weir, I knew I needed to move it to the top of list for a night when I needed some lightness.  This book turned out to be just what I needed one sleepless night… quirky, sweet, romantic, and cat-filled.

I don’t think it’s a secret that I love both of my cats, but it’s also not a secret that Lady Bug is the smart one.  Max, the cat in this book, is definitely in that smart camp.  After his owner Melody – a delightful children’s librarian – loses her husband in a seemingly random shooting, Mas decides she needs a new man in her life so that she can be happy and goes out on a mission to find one.  His matchmaking skills prove to be successful – perhaps too successful – but Joe is hiding a secret that Melody has yet to uncover.

This is a quick and light read at its best.  Obviously, if you aren’t a cat person you probably aren’t going to find it as enjoyable as I did.  But if your life resembles mine in any way and you like a story that goes perfectly with a cheap glass of wine (I write as I sit on the couch with a cat on either side and a glass of wine in my hand…) you’ll love this.  The Girl with the Cat Tattoo possesses all of the great elements to my kind of story: charm, wit, and quirk.

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