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It has been a very long week.  Honestly, I think that’s an understatement.  But I need to snap out of that funk so I’m going to do a quick Friday check in post and link up with Lauren because a) I don’t know that I’ll have time to do the GBU linkup on Monday and b) I need an attitude adjustment.

Enough with the crankiness.  Here are five awesome things that happened this week.

1) I got the new blog header from my friend KP.  It’s amazing.  I kind of want to frame it and hang in in my house.

2) I launched my first giveaway.  I think that’s pretty sweet.  (Want to enter?  Check out the Facebook page for details!)

3) My “good reminder” for the morning was spot on.  I really needed to hear that this week.  I surprise myself sometimes how perfect these quotes can be!

4) My parents and I are spending this weekend in Minneapolis with my brother and I get to see some of my best friends in the meantime.  Is there anything better than seeing your best friend’skids to snap you out of a grouchy spell?  Hopefully not!

5) Part of why I’m so grouchy is that I’m super tired.  I’ve been averaging 5 hours of sleep every night.  But it’s so worth it to be going to the gym every morning.  Getting up at 5am sucks.  Feeling that my body is gaining flexibility and strength, toning up, and losing a few pounds does not suck.

Not sure that attitude adjustment will happen but this couldn’t hurt!  Count your blessings.
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