I think it’s pretty obvious by my recent posts that I’m starting to feel the responsibility of womanhood probably more than I ever have before.

Maybe it’s the not-so-new-anymore relationship that has made me realize it’s ok to grow up, to settle down, to think about a future outside of my little bubble that I’ve so carefully built around myself.  Maybe it’s the fact that so many of my friends are getting married and having children of their own.  Maybe it’s because I’ve realized since moving that the things I was doing every day at my last job to mentor the next generation of women (and men for that matter) really made at least a small difference.

Whatever it is, I’m realizing that being a woman – a real woman – carries a whole lot of responsibility if we want the future of this world to look different than the present.  And isn’t that what we want more than anything as women?  For the next generation to have it better than we did, even if we have it pretty good already?

Being a woman – a real woman – isn’t about being perfectly put together, having the world’s most ambitious job, cooking the most delicious meal, having the perfectly beautiful husband and children… It isn’t about any of that.

Being a real woman in today’s world is more about having all of that and none of that at the exact same time.

Huh?  How is that possible?

Let me rephrase that.

Being a real woman today is about working toward whatever it is that you want with your future – really committing to getting there – and being okay – being perfectly content – with your decision so that the next generations realize that being confident in whatever you want to do with your life is okay. 

Want children someday?  Let’s start getting ourselves healthy today so that tomorrow, when we’re ready, we’re starting our children’s lives out as healthy as possible.

Want that dream career?  Start taking on new projects, finding classes that get you to your goal, seeking out mentors, and realize why you want that career in the first place.

Want to find someone to love you unconditionally?  Start loving yourself that way.  Stop looking in the mirror and finding the flaws.  Stop beating yourself up because you’re too smart or not smart enough or really just mediocre.  Start loving yourself in spite of and because of your flaws and maybe someone will finally see you the same way.

Want to learn to cook the perfect freaking meatloaf?  Good for you!  Set a goal, start practicing, and in a few months invite your loved ones over to show off your new skill.

Don’t want any of that?  What do you want?  And what can you do to make that happen?

I know I’m not the only one out there who is feeling this huge weight on my shoulders to start bettering myself so that I’m ready to start helping others make the most of their lives.

Stick with it ladies… No matter how old you are as you’re reading this, we all know we had amazing generations of woman who went before us and paved the way for the success we have today.  It’s our challenge to keep at it so that future generations can say the same thing and think about us.

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